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US$410 million to be invested in Chihuahua, generating 5,500 jobs In the “flash” tour through northern United States and Canada’s southeast, agreements were reached to bring investments for US$40 million...... 23/10/2014
Mexico enjoys international investors’ confidence Nestle Mexico inaugurated its first zero water plant in the world, at Lagos de Moreno, as part of their investment plans in Mexico for US$1 billion by 2018...... 23/10/2014
Senior Operations will grow in Saltillo Senior Operations, supplier for the automotive industry, will transfer a considerable portion of their current operations in...... 23/10/2014
Quimmco invests in auto parts development With an accrued investment amounting to over US$7 million, Sistemas Automotrices de Mexico (Sisamex), an auto parts manufacturer, inaugurated...... 23/10/2014

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