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Oil companies from Houston want to establish in Monterrey Companies from the oil sector operating in Houston want to transfer part of their operations to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, since they consider...... 29/10/2014
Linares may attract an assembly plant: Sedec Linares Municipality will become a pole to attract more foreign capital, maybe even automobiles assemblers, Rolando Zubiran Robert...... 29/10/2014
Pemex announces investment in refineries for US$1.4 billion Together with the private sector, Pemex will invest US$1.4 billion in electric power co-generation projects in its refineries located in...... 29/10/2014
The Aerospace Industry is starting to grow in Jalisco Aerospace is a strategic sector for Jalisco. There are already 15 companies from this field established at the State, and there are plans...... 29/10/2014

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