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UMC Electronics arriving in Jalisco

The Japanese corporation from the automotive and information technologies sectors, UMC Electronics Co., Ltd, is arriving into the Municipality of Lagos de Moreno, at the Industrial Park ... 30/09/2016

Pomegranate exports to the U.S.

The first deal to export pomegranate of the wonderful variety into the U.S., harvested in Southern Jalisco, was recently formalized. Engineer Cristobal Toscano is the first producer in t... 30/09/2016

Mexico to export food worth US$30 billion in 2016

Mexico prospects foods and drinks exports valued at nearly US$30 billion to close the year, affirmed Hans Neufeld, member of the Directive Council of the Institute of Foreign Commerce De... 30/09/2016

Hyundae Polytech arriving in Coahuila

The Korean company Hyundae Polytech announced its upcoming opening in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, with an investment valued at US$15 million and 250 new jobs created. The factory shall be se... 30/09/2016

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