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The Tecma Group of Companies among Mexicos top 100 employers

The El Paso, Texas-based Tecma Group of Companies is one of the leading providers of manufacturing support, commonly known as shelter services, in Mexico. The company was recognized on M... 31/03/2015

OMA-VYNMSA Aero Industrial Park Opens

With an investment of over US$4.2 million, OMA-VYNMSA Aero Industrial Park, the first industrial park of its kind, was inaugurated. The industrial complex, built by the airport operator ... 31/03/2015

OMA welcomes Volaris at the Torreon International Airport

The North Central Airport Group (OMA) announced the start of Volaris operations at the International Airport in Torreon, "Juan Sarabia", covering the Torreon-Guadalajara route.31/03/2015

OMA, recognized among the best companies to work for in Mexico

North Central Airport Group (OMA) was recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Mexico, after receiving the Great Place to Work (GTPW) certificate in the category of 500-500... 31/03/2015

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