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Jalisco attracts two Asian investments

The State of Jalisco will receive two important Asian investments. One of them comes from a shipping logistics firm that will arrive to the Municipality of El Salto. The other one comes ... 24/11/2015

Hino to produce new models at the Silao plant

Hino Motors, Toyota Group's trucks division, said that the assembling of three new models will be incorporated at its Silao plant, by 2016. This is a version for a bus and two medium-siz... 24/11/2015

New investments arrive to Nuevo Leon

Fernando Turner, Minister of Economic Development in Nuevo Leon, pointed out that two important investment projects arrived to the Entity. One of the projects is the expansion of the LEG... 24/11/2015

Puebla seeks to have an automotive cluster

Ulrich Thoma Kiwus, representative of the automotive sector in The National Chamber of Industry (CANACINTRA) in Puebla, commented that they will submit a project, by 2016, in which at le... 24/11/2015

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