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Guanajuato Inland Port grows with new tenants There are already 78 companies in Guanajuato Inland Port, the complex expanded its customers portfolio when Beiersdorf, manufacturer of Nivea...... 25/07/2014
A new Hyundai plant may be installed in Nuevo Leon Nuevo Leon may be the destination for a new Hyundai Plant in Mexico, after a trip made by the State Governor, Rodrigo Medina....... 24/07/2014
Aeromexico and Mexico City Government inaugurate the first "CDMX" airplane to promote tourism Aeromexico inaugurated today, together with Mexico City Government, the first “CDMX City Brand” airplane, which purpose is...... 24/07/2014
Jalisco attracts German investment in the automotive and aerospace industries With the purpose of strengthening bilateral exchange and economic cooperation, the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology for the State of Jalisco...... 24/07/2014

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