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Paris Air Show: The largest aerospace event in the world

The International Paris Air Show has been the worlds biggest professional event in the aviation and space industry for more than a century. Marking the 51st time it has been held, it will once again this year... 29/05/2015

Michelin will invest in Guanajuato

Michelin will invest US$2.3 billion in Leon, Guanajuato, creating 2,500 direct jobs, said Hector Lopez Santillana, former Secretary of Sustainable Economic Development of Guanajuato.29/05/2015

Gondi Group will invest in new plant in Coahuila

Grupo Gondi will build an industrial cardboard packaging factory in the municipality of Piedras Negras, with an investment of US$47.4 million, creating over 400 formal jobs. A 54 thousand square meters building a... 29/05/2015

Johnson Controls' new expansion opening soon

An expansion of operations of Johnson Controls new plant, located on Alpha Boulevard in the Santa Maria Industrial Park, is bound to be inaugurated in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, as four pro... 29/05/2015

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