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Volvo and Scania analyzing investing in Durango Executives from the European corporations Volvo and Scania agreed with Governor Jorge Herrera Caldera to visit Durango and materialize...... 20/10/2014
Cisco will strengthen investment in domestic manufacturing Cisco will double the investment in their manufacturing business in Mexico, to reach US$2 billion per annum, with the purpose of improving...... 20/10/2014
Artecola kicks-off operations in Leon, Guanajuato Artecola, supplier of floor panels for the automotive market, inaugurated their second production plant outside Brazil in Leon, Guanajuato...... 20/10/2014
Chinese companies will invest in Mexico China is turning its eyes to Mexico with several investment opportunities, arising from the market opening offered by the structural reforms made...... 20/10/2014

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