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Aerospace sector, efficient; reaches US$1 billion trade surplus México is becoming an “essential and competitive” site for the international aerospace market, Luis Lizcano, General Director of...... 21/08/2014
US$40 million investment made in Jalisco electronics industry A new tenant has arrived to “Jalisco Silicon Valley” from Wisconsin, USA. It is Plexus, a company in the electronics industry, which invested US$40 million to....... 21/08/2014
Hong Kong businessmen interested on making business with Mexico Automotive, aerospace, agroindustrial, logistics, electronics, electric and textile are the sectors that move the interest of 14 businessmen...... 21/08/2014
Bombardier’s restructure will not affect Mexico The restructure plans of Bombardier Aeronautics Division – which consider cutting off 1,800 jobs in the next few months ....... 21/08/2014

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