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Mexico, 5th largest auto producer in the world

Mexico is ranked as the 5th largest auto parts producer in the international sector and the 7th light vehicle producer. Only in the auto parts sector, the Mexican industry holds 33% of t... 30/04/2015

Rassini invests in Puebla

Rassini, manufacturer of brakes and suspension systems, invested US$25.2 million in Pueblas plant, said Francisco Freyre, deputy director of finance and investor relations. 40% of the in... 30/04/2015

San Luis Potosi wins the Goodyear plant

Goodyear will build a plant in San Luis Potosi (SLP) with a US$550 million investment. In 2014, the firm allocated part of its expense to build a plant in the Americas with a goal produc... 30/04/2015

Mexico, a magnet for investment

Mexico is the 9th most attractive destination to invest, ranking above countries like Australia and India globally, revealed the management consulting firm AT Kearney, through its Confid... 30/04/2015

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