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Automotive sector provides impulse to 3M Due to the installation of new automotive plants in Mexico and the investments announced, 3M forecasts a 2-digit growth in the automotive sector...... 30/10/2014
The Governor of Queretaro heads the Mexican Manufacturing Association Meeting Jose Calzada Rovirosa, Governor of Queretaro, headed the ceremony for the Official Incorporation and First Meeting of the Mexican Molds and...... 30/10/2014
Queretaro opens to Chinese investment With Huawei’s arrival to the State, Queretaro opens to Chinese investment. Governor Jose Calzada Rovirosa is confident that this company...... 30/10/2014
Investment will grow in the electric sector The investments in the electric sector will post a significant growth thanks to the Energy Reform; however, there will be still...... 30/10/2014

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