South Zone - Issue 54

++mexico++ US$300 million to be invested in Tuxpan

Mexico City.- Stevedoring Services of America (SSAM), a company specialized in port terminals, was granted a 20-year concession to develop and exploit a containers and general cargo dock in Tuxpan Port, Veracruz, with a US$300 million investment, after bidding the best economic offer before the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, SSAM informed in a press release issued by its public relations agency.
This project will generate 4,500 jobs and Tuxpan Integral Port Administration will deliver to SSAM a ratification title as winner of API/TUX/INST/1009 concession.
SSAM will execute the Partial Rights Assignment Agreement next July 22; to later invest more than US$300 million in the first stage only, to make of this Port the nearest to Mexico City for maritime traffic, an average of a 3-hour drive.

++eolica++ 3 Aeolian plants to be built in Mexico

Mexico City.- President Felipe Calderon witnessed and celebrated the announcement of an investment for US$2.5 billion to be made by Mexico Power Group (MPG), a subsidiary of Cannon Power, to build 3 Aeolian power parks.
The parks will be built in Cozumel, Quintana Roo; in Zacatecas mining zone and in La Rumorosa mountain range in Baja California.
For the park to be built in Zacatecas, MPG will allocate a US$540 million investment to generate 180 megawatts for domestic use.
“Today, Mexico Power Group shares with us their decision to invest US$2.5 billion to build 3 wind-driven energy parks in coming years”, Calderon said in a simple ceremony held at Los Pinos Presidential Residence.
He explained that at the regions where the projects will be built, no less than 900 direct jobs and several thousands indirect jobs could be generated.


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