North Central Zone - Issue 55

++daimler++ Daimler will bring axles production to Saltillo

Saltillo, Coahuila.- Maybe to increase profitability margin, the largest assembler and exporter of trucks and vans in Mexico, Daimler, decided they will start producing another auto part (axles) in their production lines. This expansion joins the one announced last June regarding a third shift being added in Saltillo Plant.
“Production (axles) will start in Alianza Derramadero Industrial Park in Saltillo, Coahuila next November”, Daimler Mexico informed in a brief press release addressed to the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV).
Without providing any further details, Daimler points-out that production of this auto part will be made by Axle Alliance Company, which is also owned by Daimler Group.
The company would not mention if axles production will require investing additional capital in their Saltillo Plant, operated by Daimler Tractocamiones. The number of new jobs that could be generated to produce this piece is also unknown.

++victaulic++ Smelter inaugurated; it will employ 1,200

Chihuahua, Chihuahua.- With a US$30 million investment and in order to expand manufacturing capacity, Victaulic, world leader in mechanical pipe joining solutions, inaugurated their smelting plant in Chihuahua City.
John Malloy, Victaulic’s Chairman, welcomed attendants to the plant inauguration ceremony and pointed-out that they are planning to increase their labor force to reach 1,200 people in 5 years.
Victaulic started the construction of their smelting plant in Chihuahua in September 2010 to increase distribution in Mexico and Latin America.
Arturo Mendirichaga, Plant Manager, explained that “with these new facilities the company will be in the position to provide products and support tailored to the needs of our customers in Mexico and elsewhere in the world”.

++coahuila++ Glass company will invest US$250 million

Nava, Coahuila.- Direccion de Fabricas de Nava (DIFA) is the glass company that will supply Coahuila’s brewery with the bottle required for the export market, and in the first stage will invest US$250 million in the construction of a plant.
Sources close to the company informed that the project will generate 2,000 jobs to produce 3 million 2 thousand bottles daily.
DIFA will contribute to the regional development by making the commitment to use raw materials, such as silica sand, lime and barite produced in the zone, which will be reflected in the economic development of municipalities in northern Coahuila.
Estimates are that in the first stage DIFA will generate 550 direct jobs in the construction and when the plant is in full operation a little over 2,000 people will be working in their lines.

++flextronics++ Flextronics hired 300 in Coahuila

Coahuia, Saltillo.- Flextronics plant in Ramos Arizpe announced late last May an increase in production after obtaining a very large order from a US company to produce pockets for electronic devices, including iPhone, Blackberry and iPad.
Diana Flores and Valeria Cerrillo, from Human Resources Department, informed that last month they hired around 300 people, so the current labor force amounts to 800 workers, including operators, warehouse employees, material handlers and personnel in Quality Area.
Jaime Guerra Perez, Chairman of Coahuila Southeast Human Resources Managers Association, Asociacion de Administradores en Recursos Humanos Coahuila Sureste (ARHCOS), said that the Ministry of Economic Foster keeps on providing strong impulse to investments and even if there is deceleration now, they continue working on investments for next year.


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