Mexican Association of Business and Industrial Parks (AMPIP)

Sixteen years after being founded, AMPIP now has 55 members representing 153 industrial parks with an area of almost 60,000 acres located in 22 states of Mexico.

MEXICONOW visited with Gerardo Hinojosa, President of AMPIP for the 2001-2002 term, Francisco Rubio, President-elect for the 2003-2004 and Rafael McCadden, Executive Director of the association based in Mexico City.

AMPIP has succeeded in giving cohesion and common objectives to a diverse and unusual group of entrepreneurs in the industrial park development business. For the benefit of users and developers, AMPIP created a standard to certify industrial parks in Mexico. The standard, issued through the Ministry of Economics of the federal government since 1999, clearly distinguishes between an industrial park under development, and one in active operation.

The standard for industrial parks defines in detail, legal, infrastructure and utility requirements, as well as minimum covenants and development guidelines with which an industrial development needs to comply. The standard also provides for verification and certification processes.

AMPIP member developments host over 2,400 industrial and distribution operations, of which 60 % are foreign investment companies. The facilities in the industrial parks total approximately 15 million square meters of built space and employ almost 900,000 people (about 1 in every five manufacturing jobs in Mexico). There are currently 160 projects under construction in AMPIP member owned industrial parks.

AMPIP is promoting the development of Technology Parks in selected locations where academic support and redundancy in telecom infrastructure are possible. The establishment of companies that develop software, process information, design and engineer products, or are otherwise involved in hightech activities is a main objective of the association.

AMPIP is very busy lobbying on behalf of its members. Through initiatives with local county administrations, the federal government and providers of utilities, AMPIP is working to improve industrial park development costs, competitiveness and quality.

AMPIP is very active in promoting direct foreign investment projects that would eventually find industrial sites and buildings among its members' developments. AMPIP frequents international tradeshows and seminars and publishes informative literature about industrial locations in Mexico. Their industrial maps are particularly useful and illustrative. This material may be obtained by contacting AMPIP through their website:


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