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++calderon_ind++ FCH will inaugurate new Unilever plant

Cuernavaca, Morelia.- President Felipe Calderon will be in Morelos again, this time to inaugurate Unilever Mexico’s new aerosols plant, located at Civac industrial zone, in Jiutepec municipality. This plant will create new jobs for people at Morelos and reaffirms investors’ confidence in the city.
In this new visit to Morelos, President Calderon together with Governor Marco Antonio Adame Castillo will inaugurate Unilever’s new plant.
According to Unilever Mexico, the plant to be inaugurated next July 5th is part of their plans to expand not only the company but also its commitment to Mexico and Morelos.
“This new plant is part of a project which will be grounded on a responsible interrelation with the community and our workers, in addition to reaffirming the company’s commitment to quality, products competitiveness and protection of natural resources, both in industrial processes and in final products”, the company informed.
The company, which has been in Mexico for 45 years now, currently has around 167,000 employees in over 100 countries.

++trw++ TRW Automotive announces plant to be installed in Queretaro

Queretaro, Mexico.- The American company TRW Automotive announced yesterday the installation of their third plant in the State of Queretaro, to be located at El Marques Municipality, with a US$50 million investment.
The State Minister of Sustainable Development, Tonatiuh Salinas Muñoz, informed that 400 new production and advanced manufacturing jobs will be generated by this new plant, where ABS brake systems will be manufactured to supply Volkswagen Brazil.
He also announced that this new automotive plant will be located in the new industrial park for technology innovation, Parque Tecnologico de Innovacion, at El Marques Municipality. He explained that with the US$50 million to be invested in the new plant, TRW already adds to US$120 million invested at the State of Queretaro in all three plants.


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