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++mazda++ Mazda confirms plant will be built in Mexico

Tokyo, Japan.- Mazda Motor Corp. confirmed last Friday their plans to build a new Factory in Mexico with a US$500 million investment; with the purpose of growing in emerging markets.
The factory to be built in Mexico, in a joint venture with Sumitomo Corp., will be located at the State of Guanajuato and will start producing in April 2013 mainly to serve South and Central America markets.
The new plant will assemble small compact Mazda2 and compact Mazda3 and will manufacture engines. Maximum capacity will be 140,000 vehicles per year, employing 3,000 people.
Mazda will own 70% of the factory, while Sumitomo’s share will be 30%.
“This project is part of Mazda’s plans to meet medium and long term growth goals in emerging markets”, Takashi Yamanouchi, President and CEO, said.

++puebla++ Llancreto plant inaugurated in Puebla

Puebla, Puebla.- The first company in Puebla devoted to tires recycling was inaugurated in Puebla, its name is Tire Chip and will produce a type of asphalt called “llancreto” (“tirecrete”), which will be used to pave streets and sidewalks in Volkswagen Engines Plant being built in Silao, Guanajuato.
This company – which invested US$300,000 – will work hand in hand with the German assembler and will create 24 direct and indirect jobs.
Uli Thoma, CEO, Tire Chip, informed that this company will have the capacity to recycle 50,000 tires per month.

++embraco++ Embraco coming to Mexico

Mexico City.- Embraco, a company devoted to the production of compressors for refrigeration equipment, announced an initial investment of US$90 million in the construction of their first plant to manufacture compressors used in home appliances.
Carlos Alberto Xavier, CEO, Embraco Mexico, said in an interview that this plant will be located in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon and that the first stage of the project should be ready by 2012; plans are to produce 2.5 million high efficiency compressors.
He further said that half of the production generated in this plant will be meant for the domestic market, while the rest will be exported to the United States and Canada.
With this investment the company expects to improve both delivery time and technical assistance to customers in NAFTA Region (USA, Mexico, Canada), which receives 25% of Embraco’s global production.

++bombardier++ Bombardier Transportation invests US$147 million in innovation

Mexico City.- Bombardier Transportation invested US$147 million in Research and Development for products innovation, the company informed it its Fourth Biennial Sustainability Report, where the company shows its achievements in sustainability during 2009 and 2010.
Bombardier Transportation’s operations reduced environmental impact 13% for water consumption; 7% for emission of gases with greenhouse effect and 5% on power consumption.
The company’s success in this area may be observed in the achievements of the last 6 years, when environmental impact has been reduced by one third in water consumption (37%), emission of gases with greenhouse effect (32%) and power consumption (31%).


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