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Last News
  • The Tecma Group of Companies among Mexico’s top 100 employers
  • OMA-VYNMSA Aero Industrial Park Opens
  • OMA welcomes Volaris at the Torreon International Airport
  • OMA, recognized among the best companies to work for in Mexico
  • Rassini will invest US$62 million in factories
  • Nissan will manufacture a new mini SUV in Aguascalientes
  • Monroe to produce 30% more
  • Philippine firm builds power plant in Nuevo Leon
  • The Mexico's Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit comes to San Diego in March
  • Automotive Industry generates employment opportunities in Guanajuato
  • Good employment opening coming to San Juan del Rio (Queretaro)
  • Manufacturers lure suppliers from other regions
  • Mexico will become auto world power in 2017
  • BorgWarner´s second plant starts up
  • Toyota is about to define its decision to install a new plant in Mexico
  • Magna International opens new plant in Queretaro
  • Mexico seeks for French investment for aerospace and automotive sector
  • GM will invest US$350 million in Coahuila
  • Safran will invest US$15.4 million in Queretaro
  • Cooperation to propel aerospace start ups