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Last News
  • Kia anticipates details of new plant
  • Honda´s supplier invests US$42 million in Mexico
  • NAICM´s Construction works begin in September
  • Aeromexico will receive 15 new aircraft
  • State of Mexico, headquarters First Mexican Aerospace Fair 2015
  • Aeromexico will issue certificates for US$195 million to refinance aircraft
  • BMW will manufacture the 3 Series at its plant in San Luis Potosi
  • Japanese logistics Service Company seeks to establish in Colima
  • Mega solar plant arriving in Coahuila
  • VW foresees US$1 billion investment in Puebla in 2015
  • Auto parts supplier Mikuni expands its plant in Tamaulipas
  • OMA´s revenues raised 9.1% in 2014
  • Drones competition in Queretaro
  • Aerospace education will be boosted
  • Double parallel runways, only feasible option in NAICM: MITRE
  • Bosch expanding in Chihuahua
  • Kurashiki makes its way into the automotive sector
  • Tamaulipas steps up to become Mexico’s logistic hub
  • New British investments arriving to Mexico
  • KIA´s supplier visits Alianza Industrial Park in Coahuila