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  • US$123.3 million to be invested by Conacyt-Sener
  • Baja California is assembling an investments portfolio for US$1.2 billion
  • The Federal Government has confirmed a new airport in Mexico City, adjoining the current AICM
  • Automotive manufacturer will invest US$3 million in Jalisco
  • Mitchell Plastics open their doors in Queretaro
  • Mexico, ready to receive Canadian investment in SMC’s: Bancomext
  • More plants from foreign companies arriving to Monterrey
  • TEN Arquitectos the most likely choice to build the new airport
  • Technological Agroindustry Park to be built in Zapotlan
  • Parras will have an industrial park
  • Kia Motors will start assembling autos in Mexico in 2016
  • Aerospace Summit to be held in Queretaro
  • Mexico and the USA promote aerospace SMC’s cluster
  • Investment in Baja California aerospace industry
  • SCT promotes the creation of the Federal Civil Aviation Agency
  • Uruapan is attractive for assemblers in the automotive industry: Ministry of the Economy
  • Vesta is raising an automotive industrial park in Tlaxcala
  • Peña Nieto will announce the new Hyundai plant
  • Guanajuato wants it all: they are after suppliers
  • Guanajuato will reactivate the leather industry
  • US$123.3 million to be invested by Conacyt-Sener The Mexican Council for Science and Technology, Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia (Conacyt) and the Ministry of Energy will invest US$123.3 million through a sectorial fund for the creation of three renewable energies innovation centers.
    According to the Second State of the Union Report presented by the Executive Power to the Congress, US$72.65 million will be allocated to the geothermal energy center, US$34.3 million to the solar energy center and US$16.3 million to the Aeolian energy center.
    In addition to this investment, the Conacyt-Sener Fund allocated US$100.75 million in 2014, to be exercised within the next seven years, to create the Deep Water Technology Center, which will allow expanding Pemex’s capacity in deep-water oil extraction activities, the document informs.
    02/09/2014 | Comments
    Baja California is assembling an investments portfolio for US$1.2 billion In the first seven months of the year, the State of Baja California attracted investments in the industrial sector for US$1.2 billion, almost twice as much as the amount posted in 2013, according to the Minister of Economic Development (Sedeco), Carlo Bonfante Olache.
    Together with the Minister of Agriculture, (Sefoa), Manuel Valladolid Seamanduras, and the Minister of Fishing and Aquaculture (Sepesca), Matias Arjona Rydalch, he said that commitments have been made to invest this amount within 5 years in strategic sectors, such as aerospace, electronics and renewable energies.
    Bonfante Olache is confident that the State of Baja California will grow between 2.8% and 3% this year, above the national mean, estimated in 2.7%.
    02/09/2014 | Comments
    The Federal Government has confirmed a new airport in Mexico City, adjoining the current AICM The new Mexico City International Airport will be built in a zone adjoining the current premises, and to such purpose an investment amounting to US$9.09 billion will be required, the Federal Administration informed in the second State of the Union Report.
    “The Government of the Republic, with the participation of highly specialized companies and the International Civil Aviation Organization, has performed the aeronautic, hydrologic, environment, use of soil, engineering and architectonic studies, which determined that the most suitable site to establish the new facilities of Mexico City International Airport is located adjoining the current airport”, the report states
    In addition, the Government said that these works are necessary, due to the complex connectivity experienced with the current facilities.
    02/09/2014 | Comments
    Automotive manufacturer will invest US$3 million in Jalisco ZF Sachs Suspension, the German manufacturer of power trains and suspension components, is considering installing in Jalisco a workshop to re-manufacture transmissions for heavy equipment, to which purpose they would invest around US$3 million by 2016.
    As explained by Gerardo Varela, CEO, ZF Services in Guadalajara, the company is confident to keep on investing in Jalisco, since their largest shock absorbers plant in the Americas is located at El Salto, Jalisco.
    Even if, according to Varela, this is a rather small investment, it represents hiring highly qualified labor.
    ZF Sachs Suspension Group ranks eighth in the world as auto parts manufacturer, with income over €17 billion and presence in 26 countries throughout the world.
    01/09/2014 | Comments
    Mitchell Plastics open their doors in Queretaro Mitchell Plastics, a Canadian tier one supplier of automotive interior mechanisms and decorative components, started operations in Queretaro, in an industrial building located at the Industrial Park.
    The investment amounted to almost US$30 million and will initially employ 250 people, but the goal is to reach 600 within two years, since plans are to expand this industrial building.
    Mark Asselin, General Manager, Mitchell Plastics Queretaro, expressed his recognition to the employees for the work done in vacuum forming, plastics injection, injection molding and multi-injection, since they thereby contribute to the growth of both, the company and the automotive sector.
    01/09/2014 | Comments