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  • Nissan renovates the NP300 Frontier; invests US$75.8 million
  • O'Donnell to develop industrial buildings for Audi in Puebla
  • Aeromexico rehires
  • Millionary investment to boost Juarez employment
  • Aerolineas Ejecutivas adds six planes to its fleet
  • SCT granted to GACM the concession to NAICM´s building and managing
  • VivaAerobus will place stock certificates in the market
  • Samsung foresees a 10% growth
  • China Telecom analyses to invest in Mexico
  • Mexico is seeking accreditations in aeronautical sector by 2015
  • Hyundai will invest US$418 million for a new plant in Mexico
  • Advics to invest US$26 million in Jalisco
  • Peripheral zones in Nuevo Leon receive FDI
  • Cesar Duarte´s Government boosts Aerospace Industry in Chihuahua
  • Chihuahua will attract US$230 million for the Aerospace Industry
  • GAP’s Administration and Finance Director presents resignation
  • Ciudad Juarez hits record on employment
  • Investors regain their trust in Juarez: Cesar Duarte
  • Dutch company takes NAICM project for US$86.3 million
  • Cormer is installed in Queretaro
  • Nissan renovates the NP300 Frontier; invests US$75.8 million

    Nissan Mexicana made public the sixth generation of its middle sized Pick-Up´s, under the NP300 Frontier brand. This vehicle is fabricated in the Cuernavaca Valley Industrial City (CIVAC) and it will be exported to over 30 countries with an US$75.8 million investment. Nowadays, Nissan holds 38% of the LCV sector participation. With this production, Nissan has sold over 1.1 million pick-ups in Mexico and have been exported 400,000 units to Latin America, commented Gabriel Rios, Sub Director of the LCV division at Nissan Mexicana.


    30/01/2015 | Comments
    O'Donnell to develop industrial buildings for Audi in Puebla

    The industrial development firm O’Donell signed an agreement with Audi for the design and development of five industrial buildings at the Audi Q5 Complex, located in San Jose de Chiapa, Puebla, informed the Mexican Industrial Parks Association (AMPIP). The agreement considers the development and building of a Just-In-Sequence (JIS) suppliers’ park, the factory’s logistics center and an intermodal center. The JIS´s Supplier´s Park will include three multi-tenant logistics buildings on an 88,400 square meters surface. Finally, the intermodal installation - container yard - will be fitted in a 61,000 square meters of land and it will support the management of full load and container movement. Audi calculates the creation of 20 thousand jobs for its new plant in Puebla and it will start operations by 2016.


    30/01/2015 | Comments
    Aeromexico rehires

    According to the Aeromexico´s productivity and operational plan, they will hire between 350 and 400 flight attendants this year, said Ricardo del Valle Solare, Minister of the Association of Flight Attendants (ASSA). He also explained that the massive recruitment will allow the incorporation of former employees of the extinguished Mexicana Airlines. He noted that 90% of the recent hires were former workers of Mexicana Airlines. However, ASSA’s massive contract establishes that relatives of current Aeromexico and Aeromar workers should be hired as well. Only in Mexico City it is estimated that between 1,300 and 1,500 applicants will be attending, while Guadalajara and Monterrey anticipate 500 applicants each, he pointed out. The union leader commented that Aeromexico plans to add four Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" high-tech planes to its fleet, so it will need a greater number of flight attendants. Furthermore, due to the building of the Mexico City New International Airport, the carrier forecasts to double its staff soon, reaching a 1,300 employees tally.


    30/01/2015 | Comments
    Millionary investment to boost Juarez employment

    21 companies presented new investment projects to Juarez. The projects are valued US$990 million valued and they will generate 10,000 new jobs during 2015, announced Israel Beltran, Coordinator of Industrial Promotion for the Sub secretary of Economy for the Northern Region. The official said that during 2014, more than 30,000 new jobs were recorded and registered with Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), as the manufacturing sector accounts for 25,000 of these occupations. "According to records of the Secretary of Economy´s Exports Manufacturing Industry (IMMEX) program, recorded 43 new companies were registered in 2014 and 461 thousand new jobs were generated," said Mr. Beltran. The official announced that a Korean company firmly intends to invest over US$23 million in Ciudad Juarez, thus creating 600 new jobs by the second half of 2015.


    30/01/2015 | Comments
    Aerolineas Ejecutivas adds six planes to its fleet

    The private aviation company has added six new Learjet 75 aircraft manufactured by Bombardier, which will be part of the MexJet fleet. Alejandro Alonso, General Director of the company, said that these actions are part of an ongoing renovation to offer the highest technology for their customer’s safety. "The Learjet 70 and Learjet 75 aircraft are built to deliver impressive performance and efficiency. They perfectly meet the needs of our customers in Mexico," said Eric Martel, President of the Business Aircraft Division for Aerolineas Ejecutivas.


    29/01/2015 | Comments