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  • Visteon signs lease with Intermex in Chihuahua
  • ASA obtains concession for airport in Puebla
  • Guanajuato Inland Port planning in-bond facilities for air cargo
  • Automotive investment flowing in Queretaro
  • SCT announces investments in Sinaloa for US$375.7 million
  • Construction of maquiladora plants reactivated at Ciudad Juarez
  • Campus for training on aeronautics inaugurated
  • Suppliers park to be built in Tlaxcala
  • Mega-investment may be attracted to NL
  • Zacatecas receives investments for US$134 million
  • Mars reaffirms its investment in Guanajuato
  • Mexico, in Mercedes- Benz’s crosshairs
  • France fosters aerospace sector
  • Edomex ranks 3rd in automotive industry in Mexico
  • FedEx inaugurates new logistics center
  • Herdez invests US$42.4 million in sustainable plant
  • Production and exports by automotive industry grow over 5%
  • New maquiladora opened in Matamoros
  • Interest in Utah for investing in Mexico
  • Estapack S.A.P.I. de C.V.
  • Visteon signs lease with Intermex in Chihuahua Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico – Altec Electronica de Chihuahua S.A. de C.V., Mexican subsidiary of Visteon, signed a lease agreement on April 11th, 2014 with INTERMEX for the CUU-IN-06 building, located on the iNTERMEX NORTH Industrial Park in the City of Chihuahua. The lease includes a 46,500 square-foot building.
    Altec started operations in the early nineties in the city of Chihuahua and continues successful operations to this day. Visteon, its parent company, has Corporate offices in North America – Van Buren Township, Michigan, United States, Asia Pacific – Shanghai, China, and in Europe – Chelmsford, United Kingdom.
    Visteon last year revenues reached US$7.44 Billion and it employs approximately 24,000 people in 29 countries..
    15/04/2014 | Comments
    ASA obtains concession for airport in Puebla The Ministry of Communications and Transport, Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT), published the title for the 50-year concession granted to Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares (ASA) for the administration, operation, exploitation and, if applicable, construction of Hermanos Serdan International Airport in Puebla.
    In the Federation’s Official Gazette, SCT states that this airport will be located in Huejotzingo, Juan C. Bonilla and Tlaltenango municipalities in Puebla, over a surface of 518-10-22.79 hectares.
    The permit states that the use and enjoyment of the federal public property where the airport is located is also considered.
    The land where the airport is found must be used during the concession exclusively for its purpose, and therefore in no case can ASA assign, encumber, transfer or sell their permit, the rights granted or the public real estate owned by the Federation.
    The permit further outlines the requirements for the airport’s operation and safety and states that the concessionaire will apply the corresponding duties for the airport services provided after they have been duly published in the Federation’s Official Gazette.
    15/04/2014 | Comments
    Guanajuato Inland Port planning in-bond facilities for air cargo Guanajuato Inland Port is planning the construction this year of in-bond facilities to promote goods air cargo from the complex, a project that will allow the companies at the port to expedite goods transportation, according to Guillermo Romero Pacheco, General Director of the Coordinating Bureau to Foster Foreign Tradein Guanajuato, General de la Coordinadora de Fomento al Comercio Exterior (COFOCE).
    The facilities will be built this year; construction is about to start and next year bidding will be called for an operator. The task in each airport, together with customs, is building a fiscal route for the cargo to reach the in-bond premises.
    Romero spoke about the multiple advantages offered by this site, which will allow 70 companies from this inland port to transport their goods faster and will in turn provide for “a muchquicker investment return” and “cutting-down capital costs”.
    The Complex will consist of three warehouses with freight platforms and a cold chamber, handling yard, sidewalks, machinery room, offices, green areas and a maintenance zone, Guanajuato Inland Port informed.
    The operation of the complex will generate another link in the logistics chain by facilitating the consolidation of local cargo to be exported as well as the de-consolidation of imported cargo, making it easier for companies in Guanajuato to make foreign trade operations, potentiating regional logistics and providing more tools to SMC’s to reach the international market.
    15/04/2014 | Comments
    Automotive investment flowing in Queretaro In the first quarter of this year, El Marques Industrial Park attracted four new companies, mainly from the automotive sector, which meant a total investment for US$9 million and the generation of 150 direct jobs.
    According to Edmundo Diaz Saenz, Director, this year is being more thriving and dynamic than 2013 for the industrial complex, since the consolidation of several companies that decided to invest at the state some years ago is expected.
    He added that compared to the previous year, in 2014 there have been a larger number of visits from companies that want to establish at Bajio Region
    “The first quarter of the year is an interesting indicator because it has two effects: first, the consolidation of many projects coming from the previous quarter, at year-close; and second a hint of what is to be expected in this new cycle”, he said.
    Five more companies are expected to arrive to El Marques Industrial Park before the year is over.

    15/04/2014 | Comments
    SCT announces investments in Sinaloa for US$375.7 million The Ministry of Communications and Transport has allocated investments in basic infrastructure for around US$375.7 million at Sinaloa in coming years, in amounts that will be disbursed as the works progress, the economy grows and businessmen get involved; while the investments to be made throughout Mexico on infrastructure works in what is left of this Federal Administration are estimated to reachUS$4.9 billion.
    The Governor of Sinaloa, Mario Lopez Valdez, ratified his commitment to consolidate tourism expansion during his Administration, after inaugurating Altata Wharf, where US$10.2 million were invested in two stages, and which will have a 4-lane, 1 kilometer long road, parallel to the pedestrians path that was built last year.
    The works include potable work, sewage, lighting, landscaping, benches and leisure spaces for families, among others.
    Further information: www.mexicoxport.com/noticias
    Fuente: MexicoXPORT
    14/04/2014 | Comments