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  • Volvo and Scania analyzing investing in Durango
  • Cisco will strengthen investment in domestic manufacturing
  • Artecola kicks-off operations in Leon, Guanajuato
  • Chinese companies will invest in Mexico
  • Thirty Mexican companies are interested on bidding for the construction of NAICM
  • Gulfstream presents a new family of aircraft
  • Hangar being built in UNAQ
  • Tecma Group Mexico Manufacturing Mobile App Now Available
  • Aeromexico and its workers union reach an agreement
  • Bancomext has authorized a credit for US$50 million to rebuild Los Cabos Airport
  • Logistics Center to be built in Guanajuato
  • Two Canadian companies in the automotive field will establish in San Luis Potosi
  • Japanese investments reach US$500 million
  • Mexico will become an international hub
  • TechOps will consolidate its operations in 2015
  • Auto parts plant invests US$16.5 million in Puebla
  • INTERMEX MANUFACTURA DE CHIHUAHUA extended for 1 year its current lease contract with INTERMEX for its Shelter Services to MANOIR AEROSPACE.
  • Relevant topics to be discussed in Mexico’s Aerospace Summit to be held in Queretaro
  • The Mexican Air Force will hold an aerospace tradeshow in 2015
  • Proposal to create an Aerospace Medicine Institute in Mexico
  • Volvo and Scania analyzing investing in Durango Executives from the European corporations Volvo and Scania agreed with Governor Jorge Herrera Caldera to visit Durango and materialize the possibility of installing productive investments in Durango, related to trucks and automobiles manufacture.
    Governor Herrera toured some European countries, France, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden, in an economic promotion endeavor, which meant materializing the agreement to install an automobiles upholstery factory by Rossovivo, and a new Leoni plant in Santiago Papasquiaro.
    Jorge Herrera Caldera, Governor of Durango, mentioned that “with this visit we ended an intense business trip through Europe, discussing the potential offered by Durango, its connectivity, electric power, natural gas and Durango-Mazatlan highway with executives from major companies such as Volvo and Scania in the automotive field”.
    20/10/2014 | Comments
    Cisco will strengthen investment in domestic manufacturing Cisco will double the investment in their manufacturing business in Mexico, to reach US$2 billion per annum, with the purpose of improving their processes by implementing Internet of Everything (IoE) and contribute to the generation of smart manufacturing cities.
    This is aimed to make Mexico more attractive to those manufacturing companies that will be leaving China in coming months, looking for a place that offers better conditions.
    Jordi Botifoll, President, Cisco Latin America, said “Smart Manufacturing makes Mexico more attractive to other countries for manufacturing and puts it in a position to compete with powerful countries in foreign multinational manufacture such as China and others”.
    In a press conference he said that Mexico currently has an opportunity to gain ground from other countries and improve its competitiveness as an exporting country.
    20/10/2014 | Comments
    Artecola kicks-off operations in Leon, Guanajuato Artecola, supplier of floor panels for the automotive market, inaugurated their second production plant outside Brazil in Leon, Guanajuato, with an investment amounting to US$4 million and the generation of 21 direct jobs.
    The production will be made with raw materials obtained from plastic extrusion processes, as well as natural fibers polymer mixes; this material improves the environmental footprint through the elimination and reuse of residues from the very same manufacturing process, which reduces waste by 100% and puts the operations among the most competitive. It is worth noting that the employees were trained in Brazil.
    Artecola executives attended the event, among them Renato Kunst, Chairman of the Board and Executive President; Lisiana Kunst Bohnen, Executive Director and Alexandre Aslofi, General Manager, in addition to Barbara Botello Santibañez, Leon City Mayor and the Head of the Municipal Economic Development Bureau, Ignacio Noriega.
    20/10/2014 | Comments
    Chinese companies will invest in Mexico China is turning its eyes to Mexico with several investment opportunities, arising from the market opening offered by the structural reforms made.
    Rysen Energy will invest US$600 million this year in Mexico, which is twice the Chinese investment made in Mexico throughout the business relationship history between both countries; this amount will be allocated to a solar energy generation plant, which is expected to generate 300 megawatts in Durango.
    Bao Ronglin, Chairman of the Zhonghua Businessmen Association in Mexico and CEO of Risen Energy in Mexico, acknowledged that the Chinese companies find investment opportunities in several sectors, e.g. telecommunications, infrastructure, transportation and mining.
    20/10/2014 | Comments
    Thirty Mexican companies are interested on bidding for the construction of NAICM Up to now, there are 30 Mexican companies in the consortium that will participate in the bidding for the construction of the new Mexico City International Airport, (known as NAICM), Luis Zarate Rocha, Chairman of the Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry, Camara Mexicana de la Industria de la Construccion (CMIC), informed.
    Mr. Zarate said that this group consists of small, medium, big and giant companies, prepared to face the international competition expected for the project.
    The new facilities of Mexico City International Airport will be located adjoining the current infrastructure, which will contribute to the economic and social development of one of the most densely populated regions, as a matter of fact highly marginalized people. The investment will amount to US$12.8 million, according to data from the Ministry of Communications and Transport.
    20/10/2014 | Comments