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  • Automotive sector provides impulse to 3M
  • The Governor of Queretaro heads the Mexican Manufacturing Association Meeting
  • Queretaro opens to Chinese investment
  • Investment will grow in the electric sector
  • Oil companies from Houston want to establish in Monterrey
  • Linares may attract an assembly plant: Sedec
  • Pemex announces investment in refineries for US$1.4 billion
  • The Aerospace Industry is starting to grow in Jalisco
  • The Ministry of Energy presents Round One to companies
  • Cleantech Challenge Mexico 2014
  • Aerospace clusters mitigate economic turbulence
  • US$410 million to be invested in Chihuahua, generating 5,500 jobs
  • Mexico enjoys international investors’ confidence
  • Senior Operations will grow in Saltillo
  • Quimmco invests in auto parts development
  • Sanmina will invest US$27 million
  • Aeromexico, Interjet and Volaris receive supplies from Leon
  • Chihuahua looking in Canada for aerospace investment.
  • Aerospace companies will invest in Mexico
  • Aerospace cluster strengthened by the execution of the Mexico-France Agreement
  • Automotive sector provides impulse to 3M Due to the installation of new automotive plants in Mexico and the investments announced, 3M forecasts a 2-digit growth in the automotive sector in coming years, according to Juan Manuel de la Concha, Industry Business Director, which represents 35% of the Group’s sales.
    3M developed Glass Bubbles (hollow glass microspheres) for the automotive sector, which allow reducing the weight of polypropylene pieces by up to 15% and therefore reducing the vehicle’s weight, with an impact on fuel consumption.
    Without providing exact figures, Mr. de la Concha said that there is a “sound mix” between the processes that are imported and those developed in Mexico. The company exports to 39 countries from Mexico, through their seven production plants here. “We invest on creating products with local development characteristics, but we take advantage of the investment made elsewhere in the world”, he cleared-out.
    30/10/2014 | Comments
    The Governor of Queretaro heads the Mexican Manufacturing Association Meeting Jose Calzada Rovirosa, Governor of Queretaro, headed the ceremony for the Official Incorporation and First Meeting of the Mexican Molds and Crimps Manufacture Association, which purpose is bringing this sector to the forefront in the world by 2025, based on reliability, costs competitiveness and high technological contents.
    The purpose of this Association, chaired by Antonio Mendoza Acosta, CEO, Moldes Mendoza SA de CV, is creating synergies with the manufacturing organizations in this sector, in order to push this industry’s growth, through the creation of a global business network to integrate new technologies, investments and technology transfer.
    30/10/2014 | Comments
    Queretaro opens to Chinese investment With Huawei’s arrival to the State, Queretaro opens to Chinese investment. Governor Jose Calzada Rovirosa is confident that this company, leader in telecommunications and information technologies, will encourage more Chinese companies to decide on establishing in Queretaro.
    He informed that they are currently negotiating with a Chinese company devoted to the manufacture of solar lamps, which has shown interest on establishing operations in Queretaro.
    According to information from the Foreign Investment Directorate in the Ministry of the Economy, in the last fifteen years (1999 to date), Foreign Direct Investment from China to Queretaro amounts to US$0.2 million, which were invested in the first quarter of 2011.
    30/10/2014 | Comments
    Investment will grow in the electric sector The investments in the electric sector will post a significant growth thanks to the Energy Reform; however, there will be still blackouts for some years.
    According to the Rulings for the Electric Industry Act to be published soon, the blackouts will not drop under 10% before 2022.
    The investments in the electric sector derived from the Reform will add to US$89.318 billion within the next 10 years, and will mean increasing the electric power generation capacity by 43%.
    30/10/2014 | Comments
    Oil companies from Houston want to establish in Monterrey Companies from the oil sector operating in Houston want to transfer part of their operations to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, since they consider this city has great possibilities to become the oil corporations’ cluster.
    In an interview, Genaro J. Peña, Vice-president, International Investments and Trade with Greater Houston Partnership (GHP), an organization that gathers the main companies that supply goods and services to oil companies in Houston, said that the trade relationship between the United States and Mexico will be strengthened in coming months, due to the impulse being taken by sectors such as tourism, logistics and, most of all, petroleum.
    He further said that this is the reason why around 3,000 companies in the oil sector located in Houston may transfer part of their operations to Monterrey.
    29/10/2014 | Comments