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  • The Tecma Group of Companies among Mexico’s top 100 employers
  • OMA-VYNMSA Aero Industrial Park Opens
  • OMA welcomes Volaris at the Torreon International Airport
  • OMA, recognized among the best companies to work for in Mexico
  • Rassini will invest US$62 million in factories
  • Nissan will manufacture a new mini SUV in Aguascalientes
  • Monroe to produce 30% more
  • Philippine firm builds power plant in Nuevo Leon
  • The Mexico's Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit comes to San Diego in March
  • Automotive Industry generates employment opportunities in Guanajuato
  • Good employment opening coming to San Juan del Rio (Queretaro)
  • Manufacturers lure suppliers from other regions
  • Mexico will become auto world power in 2017
  • BorgWarner´s second plant starts up
  • Toyota is about to define its decision to install a new plant in Mexico
  • Magna International opens new plant in Queretaro
  • Mexico seeks for French investment for aerospace and automotive sector
  • GM will invest US$350 million in Coahuila
  • Safran will invest US$15.4 million in Queretaro
  • Cooperation to propel aerospace start ups
  • The Tecma Group of Companies among Mexico’s top 100 employers

    The El Paso, Texas-based Tecma Group of Companies is one of the leading providers of manufacturing support, commonly known as “shelter services”, in Mexico. The company was recognized on March 26, 2015 in Mexico City by the Great Place to Work® (GPTW) Mexico organization at a ceremony held at Expo Bancomer for the quality of the environment that it has developed for its more than 4000 employees. Beyond being recognized as one of the most favorable places in Mexico to be employed, the Tecma Group received further accolades from GTPW by being named as one of the Top 100 places to work in Mexico in the category of businesses that employ between 500-1000 individuals. Other companies included on the prestigious list include: Plantronics, Microsoft, JW Marriott, Walmart de Mexico and Alcoa. Great Place to Work® evaluates the companies that apply for its recognition by examining overall corporate culture through the implementation of in-depth employee surveys and interviews. According to Tecma’s president and CEO, Alan Russell, “Recognition from the Great Place to Work® organization is a testament to the quality of the people that Tecma employs. From top management down, trust, respect and honesty govern working relations between all the members of the Tecma Group family. We take great pains, and place a high level of importance on creating an environment that is conducive to employee satisfaction and retention.”


    31/03/2015 | Comments
    OMA-VYNMSA Aero Industrial Park Opens

    With an investment of over US$4.2 million, OMA-VYNMSA Aero Industrial Park, the first industrial park of its kind, was inaugurated. The industrial complex, built by the airport operator OMA and the industrial real estate developer VYNMSA, has a total of 32 hectares and is located within the grounds of the Monterrey´s airport "General Mariano Escobedo". "Partnership with OMA, was a key strategy for VYNMSA; the land´s location, its flexibility and connection to the airport, position this as a unique project in the Northeast. We trust the project and its rapid absorption, our technical knowledge and the strength of our partnership are a major success factor", said Alejandro Gonzalez Quezada, Director General of VYNMSA. This park has added values ??such as: better logistics efficiency, closeness to export market and the Bajio region, high-level security within the airport grounds and the quality of the developments by VYNMSA. Warehouses for lease ranging from 5.000 to 50.000 square meters and developments under the built to suit scheme, which follows customer specifications, are available here.


    31/03/2015 | Comments
    OMA welcomes Volaris at the Torreon International Airport

    The North Central Airport Group (OMA) announced the start of Volaris´ operations at the International Airport in Torreon, "Juan Sarabia", covering the Torreon-Guadalajara route. Porfirio Gonzalez, CEO of OMA, gave a statement on this important expansion: "The arrival of Volaris to OMA Torreon, extends the airport´s connectivity and its offer of destinations through new airways to Guadalajara, one of the largest cities in the country; OMA´s efforts, together with Volaris´, have led to significant results in the development of better regional connectivity for both industry and business. Soon, Volaris will start up a second route from Torreon to Tijuana.


    31/03/2015 | Comments
    OMA, recognized among the best companies to work for in Mexico

    North Central Airport Group (OMA) was recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Mexico, after receiving the Great Place to Work (GTPW) certificate in the category of 500-5000 employees and multinationals. Besides its 35th place among the 100 best Mexican employers, OMA received a second award for ranking during five consecutive years, stated the company. According OMA, this recognition follows a policy of improved practices and guidelines aiming to create a pleasant and competitive working environment for its human resources.


    31/03/2015 | Comments
    Rassini will invest US$62 million in factories

    This year, the Mexican automaker Rassini, will invest US$62 million in plant maintenance, expansion and product innovation, to cope with the boom in automobile demand. Juan Pablo Sanchez Kanter, the Company´s CFO, said the estimated investment in Capex (investment in capital goods) will be US$35.8 million. US$4.8 million will be targeted to the expansion of a machining line to meet requirements of new contracts, including Audi, and the rest will be for maintenance. Rassini designs and manufactures suspensions and brakes for some OEMs including Audi, General Motors, Ford Motor Co, Fiat Chrysler, Volkswagen AG, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corp. In 2014, it reported US$827 million sales. Mr. Sanchez Kanter, explained that the US$24 million invested over the last two years will be evident by the second half of 2015, with the Puebla smelting plant expansion. He said that, with the rise of the automobile industry in Mexico, the main challenge for suppliers lies in the development of technology and engineering to produce with higher quality and better performance at a lower cost.


    30/03/2015 | Comments