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  • OMA will invest US$26.5 million in the new Acapulco terminal
  • Audi, BMW and Mercedes looking for suppliers in Mexico
  • Auto parts company starts operations in Parral
  • Cesar Duarte will travel to China to “secure” assembly plant
  • Guanajuato Inland Port grows with new tenants
  • A new Hyundai plant may be installed in Nuevo Leon
  • Aeromexico and Mexico City Government inaugurate the first "CDMX" airplane to promote tourism
  • Jalisco attracts German investment in the automotive and aerospace industries
  • Kostal Group will build a second plant
  • The Minister of the Economy inaugurated 2 new plants in Bafar Complex
  • Amistad Welcomes Mahle and TitanX
  • Zacatecas, with everything to have an Automotive Cluster
  • Collaboration Agreement entered by the SLP Government and the company BMW, S.A. de C.V.
  • The Mexican and German Ministers of Foreign Affairs inaugurated an industrial plant in Mexico
  • Nemak will invest US$200 million in two plants
  • Embraer will make airplane interiors in Chihuahua
  • Dishon will join the aerospace sector in Queretaro
  • SLP delivers land to BMW for the new plant
  • Nemak will build two factories in Mexico
  • Toyota Mexico will manufacture a new car with US$100 million
  • OMA will invest US$26.5 million in the new Acapulco terminal Grupo Aeroportuario Centro Norte (OMA) announced today the investment of US$26.5 million in the first stage of the new terminal in Acapulco Airport, with capacity for one million passengers per year and the possibility to grow to up to two million passengers.
    The works will start late in 2014 and are part of the Development Master Plan conceived for the airport, which main purpose is becoming an element of support to promote Acapulco as a tourism destination.
    The project considers a modern architecture to immediately serve up to 1 million passengers per year, with growth plans to double its capacity to 2 million passengers in the medium term, OMA informed.
    28/07/2014 | Comments
    Audi, BMW and Mercedes looking for suppliers in Mexico Armando Bravo, Director of the Automotive Industry Development Center in Mexico, Centro de Desarrollo de la Industria Automotriz en Mexico (Cediam), considers that in the kick-off stage of their plants, the above mentioned companies —except for BMW which already has a 64-supplier base here— will procure imported articles. This, while they consolidate a local base, made of Tier 1 suppliers already installed in Mexico and newcomers.
    Daimler and Nissan will also resort to the suppliers they already have in Mexico to supply the plant they will build in Aguascalientes to assemble their Mercedes Benz and Infiniti automobiles.
    28/07/2014 | Comments
    Auto parts company starts operations in Parral With a US$34 million investment, Industrial Parral Autopartes, a company that will employ 500 technicians and professional workers, was inaugurated, the State Administration informed.
    The press release states that early next year a second stage will start, when they expect to generate 900 jobs, since the plans include operating a graphics and corrugated products area, devoted to manufacturing printed cartons, mainly meant for the automotive market.
    Parral’s auto parts industry manufactures automotive products for all the brands of automobiles, vans and trucks, as well as chains, gears, guides, tensors, oil pumps and engine components.
    28/07/2014 | Comments
    Cesar Duarte will travel to China to “secure” assembly plant With the support from President Enrique Peña Nieto to foster industrial development in Chihuahua, Governor Cesar Duarte will travel to China to “secure” an assembly plant that will generate more than two thousand jobs in Ciudad Juarez.
    When he thanked the President’s support “to materialize this investment here” the Governor of Chihuahua said that assembling a vehicle in full here will mean significant progress for the State of Chihuahua in this field.
    28/07/2014 | Comments
    Guanajuato Inland Port grows with new tenants There are already 78 companies in Guanajuato Inland Port, the complex expanded its customers portfolio when Beiersdorf, manufacturer of Nivea beauty products and the Japanese Yushiro Mexico, producer of oils and metallic processing fluids established at this Inland Port.
    The total investment made by Beiersdorf in their project amounted to US$130 million to produce 280 million pieces of body lotions, perfumes, chap stick bars and shower products. Also, a research center was installed that will be devoted to developing new products for Latin America, United States and Canada.
    Yushiro, a Japanese company, also established their first plant in Mexico in Guanajuato Inland Port, investing US$9 million.
    Japan is the country with the largest number of companies in Guanajuato Inland Port, namely 47%, followed by Mexico, Germany and Italy, in sectors such as plastics, food, metal-mechanics, logistics and auto parts.
    25/07/2014 | Comments