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  • Aerospace sector, efficient; reaches US$1 billion trade surplus
  • US$40 million investment made in Jalisco electronics industry
  • Hong Kong businessmen interested on making business with Mexico
  • Bombardier’s restructure will not affect Mexico
  • New landing system in Nuevo Laredo Airport
  • Querétaro, a driving force for aerospace exports
  • The State of Mexico has received investments for US$7.727 billion
  • Aerospace engineers wanted
  • Investment for US$374 million in the State of Mexico announced
  • Axalta will invest US$10.5 million to increase production in Mexico
  • President’s airplane delivered
  • Private investment for US$384 million in new industrial parks at Guanajuato
  • Amistad joins Nortek’s Divisions CES Group and Nordyne Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: July 2014
  • Amistad & Gentherm host Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: August 2014
  • OMA supports its growth on hubs and stakeholders
  • Ten companies are interested in investing in Coahuila
  • Ferromex invests in railroads network
  • Puebla will have new industrial parks
  • Businessmen announce investments in the energy sector
  • Nuevo Leon, at the wheel of automotive innovation in Mexico
  • Aerospace sector, efficient; reaches US$1 billion trade surplus México is becoming an “essential and competitive” site for the international aerospace market, Luis Lizcano, General Director of the Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industry, Federacion Mexicana de la Industria Aeroespacial (Femia), pointed-out.
    With US$5 billion in exports from this sector, the aerospace industry is increasingly gaining importance; “the outlook is very interesting, right now we face many positive expectations ahead”, he assured.
    Lizcano assured that the perspectives for the future in the aeronautics sector in Mexico are positive, “we have forecasted US$12 billion in exports and 110,000 jobs for 2020”, he said.
    21/08/2014 | Comments
    US$40 million investment made in Jalisco electronics industry A new tenant has arrived to “Jalisco Silicon Valley” from Wisconsin, USA.
    It is Plexus, a company in the electronics industry, which invested US$40 million to inaugurate a plant in Guadalajara Technology Park, located on the Guadalajara-Tepic Highway, in Zapopan.
    280 direct jobs were initially generated at this complex, expecting to reach more than 740 once it is operating at full capacity.
    Plexus’ global network consists of 24 factories throughout the world performing electronic products manufacturing, engineering, supply and post-sale service activities.
    Todd Kelsey, Executive Vice-president and Chief Operations Officer, said that the company decided to invest in Jalisco due to the development of electronics industry there, with more than 600 companies employing 100,000 people.
    21/08/2014 | Comments
    Hong Kong businessmen interested on making business with Mexico Automotive, aerospace, agroindustrial, logistics, electronics, electric and textile are the sectors that move the interest of 14 businessmen in a trade mission from Hong Kong, who want to increase the imports, exports and investments with Mexico, Raymon Yip, Executive Director of Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HTKDC), informed in a press conference.
    This is the fourth mission in Mexico, with the purpose of finding new markets for Hong Kong products.
    21/08/2014 | Comments
    Bombardier’s restructure will not affect Mexico The restructure plans of Bombardier Aeronautics Division – which consider cutting off 1,800 jobs in the next few months – will not affect their subsidiary in Mexico, according to Alfredo Nolasco, the company’s representative in Mexico.
    “At Bombardier Mexico we keep on working normally. The several projects and programs operating here perform properly. We are working on Global 7000 and 8000 and Lear Jet 85 programs with no problem”, Nolasco pointed-out.
    Isabelle Rondeau, Bombardier’s spokeswoman, announced a new organizational structure for their Aeronautics Division, breaking it into three sectors: Business Aircraft, Commercial Aircraft and Aerostructures and Engineering Services; a head of segment will be appointed for each of them.
    Around 1,800 positions working “on indirect tasks”, not linked to production, will be affected by the restructure, since they would double in the new divisions.
    21/08/2014 | Comments
    New landing system in Nuevo Laredo Airport Quetzalcoatl International Airport in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas has a new last generation, Category I Instrument Landing System, which provides for safer air operations in this terminal.
    According to information from the Ministry of Communications and Transport, this system also provides continuity in air operations to and from this airport, by mitigating the adverse effects of reduced visibility due to weather conditions, which translates into lower operating costs for the airlines, by reducing fuel consumption and engines maintenance requirements.
    This system also promotes a more frequent use of this airport by airlines and general aviation, by offering greater safety and operations efficiency.
    The purchase, installation, certification and commissioning of this system will increase the safety of the 13,000 landings and takeoffs, by assisting in precision instrument approaches, guiding the aircraft to a position closer to the airstrip and guaranteeing its safe landing.
    21/08/2014 | Comments