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  • US$410 million to be invested in Chihuahua, generating 5,500 jobs
  • Mexico enjoys international investors’ confidence
  • Senior Operations will grow in Saltillo
  • Quimmco invests in auto parts development
  • Sanmina will invest US$27 million
  • Aeromexico, Interjet and Volaris receive supplies from Leon
  • Chihuahua looking in Canada for aerospace investment.
  • Aerospace companies will invest in Mexico
  • Aerospace cluster strengthened by the execution of the Mexico-France Agreement
  • Penjamo wants to enter into the industrial activity with a new park
  • Eight companies from India will invest in Jalisco
  • ZKW breaks ground in Guanajuato Inland Port
  • The Government will invest US$909.10 million in the Merchant Marine for the energy boom
  • Audi inaugurates Specialization Center in Puebla
  • Halla Visteon Climate Control expands its operations in Chihuahua
  • Aeromar Carga expands its terminal in Mexico City International Airport
  • Volvo and Scania analyzing investing in Durango
  • Cisco will strengthen investment in domestic manufacturing
  • Artecola kicks-off operations in Leon, Guanajuato
  • Chinese companies will invest in Mexico
  • US$410 million to be invested in Chihuahua, generating 5,500 jobs In the “flash” tour through northern United States and Canada’s southeast, agreements were reached to bring investments for US$40 million and the generation of 5,500 jobs in Chihuahua, Governor Cesar Duarte Jaquez informed.
    Stating that these negotiations will mainly benefit Ciudad Juarez, Governor Duarte added that one of the purposes of the business trip was materializing new investments in the mining area, which will trigger economic development at Sierra Tarahumara.
    Duarte Jaquez left it clear that the agreements reached with companies from the automotive and aerospace fields clearly show that Chihuahua, and particularly Ciudad Juarez, are recovering their image, position and investors’ confidence.

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    23/10/2014 | Comments
    Mexico enjoys international investors’ confidence Nestle Mexico inaugurated its first zero water plant in the world, at Lagos de Moreno, as part of their investment plans in Mexico for US$1 billion by 2018.
    This US$200 million factory arises from the confidence generated by Mexico on investors, Ildefonso Guajardo, Minister of the Economy, assured at the inauguration event.
    Minister Guajardo pointed-out that in the first 20 months of the Peña Nieto Administration, US$50 billion have been received in foreign investment.
    “We are going after the next level, to reach an average of US$30 billion per annum, and are surely in the right course”, he said.
    In an interview, Minister Guajardo pointed-out that the investments concentrate mainly at el Bajio, in the Automotive Cluster, and in Nuevo Leon.
    23/10/2014 | Comments
    Senior Operations will grow in Saltillo Senior Operations, supplier for the automotive industry, will transfer a considerable portion of their current operations in Bartlett, Illinois, United States to Saltillo, a process where at least US$3 million will be invested, Eddy Rojas, Human Resources Director for Senior Flexonics, Saltillo Plant, informed.
    It has been a little over a year since Senior Operations started their activities with a great success in Saltillo, through Senior Aeroespace and Senior Flexonics (manufacturer of exhaust connectors), always with Manufacturas Zapaliname’s support, under the shelter system in La Angostura Industrial Park.
    Both business divisions have 30 plants at several places, with the largest activity currently is in Bartlett, Illinois.
    23/10/2014 | Comments
    Quimmco invests in auto parts development With an accrued investment amounting to over US$7 million, Sistemas Automotrices de Mexico (Sisamex), an auto parts manufacturer, inaugurated yesterday their Technological and Human Development Center, Centro de Desarrollo Tecnologico y Humano (CDTH).
    The purpose of the Center, located on Monterrey-Colombia Highway, in Escobedo Municipality, is encouraging innovation and validating the company’s products, before they arrive to the production line, Manuel Valdes, Sisamex´ General Director explained.
    This is a joint venture between Quimmco Group, a corporation chaired by Rodolfo Barrera Villarreal and the US-based corporation Meritor.
    The Center, with a 7,500 square meters (80,730 sq. ft.) surface, will host 7 labs, where around 40 engineers and technicians will be working on research, Valdes said.
    23/10/2014 | Comments
    Sanmina will invest US$27 million With US$27 million, Sanmina joined the companies in the electronics industry that will be investing in Jalisco in coming years.
    Juan Alonso Niño Cota, Coordinator, Jalisco Industrial Chambers Council, Consejo de Camaras Industriales de Jalisco (CCIJ), pointed-out that Sanmina’s investment is added to the results of the business trip made last week by the Jalisco Government officials, with representatives from the electronics and other sectors, to San Jose, California.
    Regarding Flextronics, he said that they will also invest US$27 million, and will generate around 5,000 jobs by 2017.
    As far as IBM and Intel are concerned, Niño Cota mentioned that the former will generate three Analytic Computing Development Centers, mobile platforms and Internet of Things, creating 400 new jobs; while the latter will have a 20% annual growth and will generate 200 new jobs.
    23/10/2014 | Comments