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  • Queretaro is in an open fight with BC for the aerospace sector
  • Drones, an aerospace niche: UNAQ
  • There will be more companies in the aerospace sector
  • NMCIA will be the “world’s most sustainable airport”: Foster
  • Howa Mexico inaugurated after US$29.5 million were invested
  • Toyota considering a factory in Mexico
  • Mexico will produce more than 3 million automobiles: AMIA
  • China interested on investing in Tabasco projects
  • US companies interested on establishing in Juarez
  • Investments add to US$7 million
  • Airbus will train pilots in NL
  • Faurecia invested US$25 million in the expansion of their plant in Puebla
  • Safran reaching out for youngsters
  • Mexico’s Aerospace Industry growing at the same pace as China’s
  • Interest and confusion on the future of air cargo with the new Mexico City International Airport: Specialists
  • US$15.1 million allocated to Creel Airport
  • New Heil Tank Trailer plant in Mexico helps manufacturer answer market needs
  • Amistad Industrial Developers announced NEW DEVELOPMENT in Central Mexico!!
  • Industrial parks want Mexican companies
  • “Wave” of investments in the automotive area arriving to Mexico
  • Queretaro is in an open fight with BC for the aerospace sector Tijuana’s Association for Economic and Industrial Development, Asociacion de Desarrollo Economico e Industrial de Tijuana (DEITAC), called government authorities and business organizations to close ranks in the promotion of investments for Baja California, since they acknowledge there is an intense fight with several states for the foreign investment.
    Cristina Hermosillo, DIETAC’s Chairwoman, pointed-out that one of the sectors with the largest growth potential at the State of Baja California is aerospace, but it faces a very strong competition against Queretaro.
    She said that Bombardier’s establishment in Queretaro means an advantage for that State, since it is one of the leading transnational corporations in airplanes manufacture, and that both states are now fighting for the supply network.
    “Baja California’s advantage is that we have been working much longer in this sector, we have better qualified labor and we also have a better developed chain of supply”, Ms. Hermosillo analyzed.
    18/09/2014 | Comments
    Drones, an aerospace niche: UNAQ The manufacture of unmanned aircraft, better known as drones, is a segment with significant development opportunities in the aerospace sector, according to Jorge Gutierrez de Velasco, President of the Aeronautics University in Queretaro, Universidad Aeronautica en Queretaro (UNAQ).
    This type of equipment is currently used in several commercial and research fields, in addition to their use in the military sector, he said.
    “This is a segment for global development; it represents a niche of development all over the world, since there is a broad range of applications for this type of artifacts. And it therefore makes a lot of sense that in Mexico the institutions, the organizations and the companies themselves are considering developing unmanned aircraft products for non-military applications”, he said.
    For military applications there are big international players, from the United States, France and Canada, which have developed several technologies, such as satellite-controlled equipment.
    18/09/2014 | Comments
    There will be more companies in the aerospace sector The aerospace outlook shows growth for the Mexican industry, where the number of domestic companies related to this sector is expected to grow significantly, to reach 75 companies, according to forecasts presented in Mexico’s Aerospace Summit.
    There are currently 270 aerospace companies in the Mexican Republic, of which 25 are domestic, or 9.25%, according to the Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industry, Federacion Mexicana de la Industria Aeroespacial (Femia).
    Also, the total number of aerospace companies, including foreign companies, is expected to reach 450 in Mexico, according to a document on the Summit, to be held in Queretaro on October 9th and 10th.
    18/09/2014 | Comments
    NMCIA will be the “world’s most sustainable airport”: Foster With efficient ventilation and enclosure, the New Mexico City International Airport (NMCIA) will be the “world’s most sustainable” airport, Norman Foster, Architect, assured.
    “The weather in Mexico City allows working almost half of the year at room temperature”, Foster explained in the video that presents the project. Foster will work with Architect Fernando Romero to raise this infrastructure that, in its last stage, will be able to serve up to 120 million passengers per year.
    According to the project, during the other half of the year the temperature may be controlled with minimum air heating or cooling.
    18/09/2014 | Comments
    Howa Mexico inaugurated after US$29.5 million were invested The Governor of Aguascalientes Carlos Lozano de la Torre inaugurated one more link in the chain of supply for the automotive industry: Howa, where with the first US$29.5 million invested 35 jobs, out of the 200 forecasted, were created.
    According to information provided by Tomoyuki Takada, President, Howa, the plant will start producing car interiors next November, participating in the generation of the State’s Gross Domestic Product.
    Lozano de la Torre expressed his appreciation towards the company for putting their confidence in the State and further said that “these new jobs mean more social and economic welfare opportunities for our families, since each job represents fewer problems for our society, in addition to confirming that our State has recovered its position as a role model for development, economic growth and quality of life both in Mexico and abroad”.
    18/09/2014 | Comments