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Innovating maquiladora practices integrated in the region Tijuana B.C.- Looking for costs optimization, obtaining greater technical benefits and being environmentally friendly, around 15% of maquiladora companies established in Baja California are incorporating innovating practices, being the packing sector one of the areas they are pursuing. Rosalio Hernandez, Chief Operations Officer for Landsberg-Amcor Latinoamerica, a leading company in packing, said that there is great potential at the region for the industry, and that the decision to establish a plant in Tijuana 15 years ago was greatly influenced by the many global companies, from several manufacturing branches, located in the border zone. “We recently collaborated in a Packing Design Postgraduate Course dictated at Eje Instituto, a specialized training firm, in order to promote the integration of practices that consider the use of new materials, as well as raising awareness on new technologies and getting familiar with the factors that have an impact on packing design”, he said.
Siglo 21
Date: 12/07/2012

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