Aerospace News

  • Colombia Bridge in Nuevo Leon increases the crossing demand

    In the face of the damage suffered by the International Bridge III in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, last May, Colombia Bridge showcased its capacity to serve 70% more importation and exportation customs operations, thus generating greater crossing demand, affirmed Hugo Gonzalez, director of the Corporation for the Development of Nuevo Leon's border zone (Codefront). With this, there is an average of 3,500 trailers crossing

  • Mexico must focus on the specialization of professionals of foreign commerce

    Given the possibility that the U.S. might not exit the NAFTA, it is necessary for Mexico to find a way to make the most out of it, through the formation of the specialized human talent demanded by the new rules of Foreign Commerce. The Operations Director of consulting firm TLC Asociados, Guillermo Jimenez, added that a long-term vision is also necessary, with the priority of taking advantage of the Origin Regulations,

  • First export shipment of Q5 by Audi Mexico

    The first shipment of Audi Q5, made in San Jose Chiapa, Puebla, is ready to leave the sea port of Lazaro Cardenas, in Michoacan. The plan of Audi Mexico is to export from this port to the markets in South America and Oceania. This undertaking makes the Mexican branch of this German automotive firm, the first one to export premium vehicles from this port, which is the second most used port in Mexico, after Veracruz's.