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  • Juarez security company expands its footprint into El Paso

    Nancy J. Gonzalez / MexicoNow

    After 20 years of operations, Sysol, a security company headquartered in Ciudad Juarez, is expanding into El Paso. The company already has offices in Tijuana, Hermosillo, Chihuahua, Reynosa and Monterrey and is already doing business in El Paso with Tyco Electronics and other companies.

    “Our best asset is our employees,” said Yiris Hallal, Sysol founder. “Now, it is time to

  • PIBSA Industrial Polygon inaugurated

    With investment valued at US$10 million and a commitment to generate 700 new jobs, the PIBSA Industrial Polygon, a new industrial development, was established in Apaseo el Grande. This new park has 15 industrial buildings available for the Automotive, Aerospace, Logistics and Training industries. Felipe Sanchez Romero, member of the PIBSA Administration council, assured that the polygon's strategic location will contribute

  • Grupo Amistad contemplates US$35 million investment in Coahuila

    Grupo Amistad is negotiating four investment projects for the Coahuila region, valued at US$35 million and the creation of 1,000 jobs. The president of the group, Marco Ramon Aguirre, indicated that these are automotive projects, with investment from America and France; and also an aerospace project, with English investment. Mr. Ramon Aguirre said that they expect to sign by August some of these investment projects that

  • Three European companies arriving in Ciudad Juarez

    Three companies are interested in becoming established in Ciudad Juarez; two of them are from Germany and one from France, which is why “We are offsetting partly the Donald Trump effect”, said the President of INDEX-AMANC, Maria Teresa Delgado Zarate. Hence, the new projects are working, growing and supporting the arrival of new investors, who are interested in this city. Delgado Zarate mentioned that salaries have grown

  • Cushman & Wakefield re-inaugurates office in Mexico City

    Cushman & Wakefield Corporation has recently started the celebrations for its 25 anniversary in Mexico and 100 years worldwide, by inaugurating new corporate offices. After this upgrade, doors are now open to customers and friends to present this new stage of innovation and technology for the real-estate sector in Mexico. Cushman & Wakefield's interior space is currently undergoing a process to obtain three


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