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Daimler prefers Mexico over Brazil Mexico City.- Additional investments by automotive industry will be added to those recently announced by Honda, Mazda and Audi; heavy vehicles assembly sector is also interested on increasing production in Mexico, such as Daimler Trucks, the trucks division of this German corporation with the brands Frightliner and Mercedes Benz. Before the year is over, Daimler Trucks de Mexico is expected to announce the construction of a new plant to manufacture heavy trucks transmissions in Mexico. The investment should amount to around US$300 million, according to Gerhard Gross, President and CEO, Daimler Trucks Mexico. In an interview, Mr. Gross said that this new plant will most likely be built in Mexico, after Brazil was discarded, due to the gloom economic outlook they have ahead, even though he did clear out that the United States and Canada are still being considered.
Date: 22/06/2012

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