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Bajaj motorcycles coming to Mexico from India Mexico City.- Bajaj is coming to Mexico from India as a new choice for urban motorcycles as of next May. The brand belongs to the important Bajaj Group, which is present in 50 countries; average sales reach 4 million 300 thousand vehicles per year, of which 1 million 500 thousand have been sold in several international markets, providing for US$4 billion invoicing last year. Bjaj Group offer’s insurance and financing; however, in Mexico they will only sell motorcycles, through a strategic alliance with Autofin Group, which will be in charge of offering distribution points and financing, starting with 3-month no interest. These motorcycles will be manufactured in Mexico, specifically in a plant located in Tultitlan, State of Mexico, right where Autofin Group used to produce Toro motorcycles, of Chinese origin, which have been now substituted by these motorcycles from India, according to Andre Causimon, Chief Operations Officer for Bajaj Mexico.
El Financiero
Date: 25/04/2012

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